Xtreme Week 2023:

Our Xtreme activity this year is Archery Tag!  In order to be able to participate, all parent/guardians must complete a waiver for their child.  Click the link below and make sure you're all sling some arrows!​​

8th - 12th Grades

July 9th-15th, 2023

$155 (Early-Bird Rate)

Lariat Creek Christian Camp

Mission Statement:

To create in young people a desire to conform to the image of Christ and to be plugged in to real ministry opportunities.

Our Goals:

​To strive to provide a quality spiritual offering for junior high and high school students that goes beyond the "fun" of church camp, pushing them to a new spiritual level and relationship with God, and plugging them in to real ministry opportunities.

​What Makes Xtreme Week Unique?

​A definition for extreme is - being in or attaining the greatest or highest degree; very intense.  Sometimes, in sports, it refers to a level of radical and, sometimes, even a dangerous activity.

Xtreme Week

Happiness is Lariat Creek Christian Camp

Ryan Driskill

(405) 245-8286


Jordan Crowe

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Xtreme Week Academic Scholarship

Xtreme Week directors and staff are excited to begin offering an academic scholarship toward higher education for its campers.  Click here or on the button below to find more information and apply.​​