More exciting news, regarding the cabins on the west side of the camp!  Cabins 1, 4, and 7 have received a "face lift," thanks to the Weatherford Church of Christ, the Weatherford Church of Christ Bible Chair, and Rockford Construction.  Each cabin features log siding, a metal roof, and a porch that is great for Bible classes or just relaxing in the shade.

LCCC has entered the 21st century and is now providing an opportunity for online registration and payment!  Visit the Registration Page for more information.

Lariat Creek Christian Camp

The Imogene Cabin was built in the fall of 2015, thanks to the generous contributions of Ray and Imogene Smith.  This new, log cabin is beautiful, featuring a large floor plan, high ceilings, and a large, beautiful porch that will be used for classes and group meetings often.  It also give us another cabin on the girls' side of the camp, equaling more beds!

New Caretaker's Home

Exciting things are happening at LCCC!  Click here to watch a video!

Online Registration & Payment

Three Cabins Renovated

New Girls Cabin Complete

In December of 2015, Rick and Cathy moved in to their beautiful, new, 1,500 square foot log home.  LCCC is excited to be able to provide a more comfortable place for our caretakers to live.  It also makes the east side of the camp look a lot better!  Plans are currently being made to have the old caretaker's mobile home removed from the property and replaced with a new ADA accessible structure, which will serve as a retreat center, cooks quarters, and nurses station.

Happiness is Lariat Creek Christian Camp