2021 LCCC Summer Camp Information


LCCC has partnered with Active Network to provide online registration and payment for campers and registration for staff.  Active has a very good reputation for being safe, secure, and easy to use.  All campers are encouraged to use the online registration and payment method, as it will be a great help to camp management and directors.  Those who would still prefer to print and mail in an application, along with full payment, will still be able to do so from the Registration page.

​Early-bird rates are available for all sessions (a $15 discount!).  Two weeks before each session begins, the early-bird rate will expire.  Please register as early as possible to ensure a spot in your desired session.

Dress Code:

Campers and staff are expected to dress modestly, in a manner that does not contradict the message of Christ.  The following dress code applies to all campers and staff - male and female.  Clothing that displays designs, slogans, or images that are not Christ-like are not to be worn.  Tank tops and spaghetti straps are not allowed.  Shirts that are low-cut and show any of the midsection are not to be worn.  Shorts and skirts should be a modest length - at least as long as your fingertips when standing.  Short running shorts and yoga pants are not allowed.  Saggy pants or shorts are not allowed (underwear should not be visible).  If any camper or staff member is found to be in violation of this dress code, they will be asked to change.  As with any other disciplinary issue, individuals who continually choose to disregard this policy will be asked to leave. 

Cell Phones:

​Campers are not allowed to have cell phones at camp.  If a camper has a cell phone with them, it is to be turned in to the camp director upon registration and will be returned before departure at the end of the camp session.  If parents need to contact their child during a camp session, they can do so by calling the camp phone or by making arrangements with the director beforehand.


​Visitors to the camp are required to contact the director for approval and visitation times.  Each camper will be responsible for the cost of repair of any intentional damage, whether to property or person, caused by their visitors while on LCCC property.

Mailing Packages to Campers at LCCC:

​Lariat Creek Christian Camp

C/O (Camper's Name​)

94495 N 2560 Rd

Geary, OK 73040

To contact a camp director during camp, call (405) 519-8945

What to Bring:

​~ Your Bible, a notebook, and a pen                                                           ~ Flashlight

~ Clothing for one week of camp                                                               ~ Sunscreen

~ Two pairs of shoes (at least one pair fully enclosed)                              ~ Insect repellant

​~ Bedding for a twin bed or a sleeping bag                                               ~ Bath towels and washcloths

​~ Personal Items (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

​~ A Christ-like attitude, a spirit of responsibility, and a heart for good, christian fun.

Do Not Bring:

​Clothing that does not meet the requirements of the Lariat Creek Christian Camp Dress Code.

​               ~ Alcohol                       ~ Illegal Drugs

​               ~ Tobacco                     ~ Firearms

​               ~ Fireworks                  ~ Stereos

​               ~ Cell Phones

Check In Times

Beginner Session begins at 10:00 AM Friday and runs through 10:00am Saturday.  A parent or sponsor must accompany each five campers from a congregation.  Parents and sponsors attending Beginner Session are asked to pay $10/each to help cover the cost of food.  All parents and sponsors will also be asked to complete a "Staff Application" upon arrival to the camp.

​For all other sessions, check in time is Sunday from 2:00 to 4:30 PM and check out time is Saturday at 10:00 AM.  Saturday morning is clean up time and no camper will be allowed to leave the camp without approval from the director.

Happiness is Lariat Creek Christian Camp

Lariat Creek Christian Camp

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