Happiness is Lariat Creek Christian Camp

Lariat Creek Christian Camp

In 2018, a storage shed was built on the west side of the camp, which will house above ground storage tanks to relieve some of the stress on the camp's water system.  With other improvements being made on the east side of the camp, a similar water storage system will need to be built.

Bath House

How can I help?

​We believe that there is no more important mission than our children, and it is our desire for Lariat Creek to thrive for years and generations to come.  We request that your congregation include LCCC in your prayers and in your budget.  Specifically, please pray that God will continue to work on the hearts of young people who attend Lariat Creek each year, and that we will continue to have the opportunity to offer a safe environment for spiritual growth and the nurturing of vital, christian relationships.  We thank you in advance for any support that you are able and willing to give.

Welcome Center

Checks can be mailed to:

Ray Hull

36349 Carter Rd

Waynoka, OK 73860

If you would like more information, or if you would like for a representative from LCCC to come to your congregation, please let us know.

Lariat Creek Christian Camp and the Board of Directors have set out to raise $380,000 to complete these very important projects.  In order for these projects to be completed as scheduled, we need to raise the total amount by this summer.  We ask that you will prayerfully consider contributing to this effort.

Completed Projects

​Caretaker's Residence     ~     Caretaker's Shop/Equipment Shed     ~     4 New/Renovated Cabins     ~     West Side Water Storage

East Side Water Storage

We need your help!

​For over 40 years, Lariat Creek has played a key role in pointing lives to Christ.  In 2013, The Board of Directors initiated a fundraising effort to update and improve the camp's existing structures.  Since that time, noticeable improvements have been made to the camp, and there is plenty more work to be done.  Each of the improvements that have already taken place have been made possible by churches and individuals recognizing the need for improvement and the value of investing in the young lives that visit LCCC each year.

Here is a description of building projects that will, Lord willing, be completed in 2019.

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Future Improvements

Renovation of Kitchen ($150,000)

Renovation of Mess Hall ($200,000)

Renovation of Older Cabins ($20,000/each)

​New Worship Area ($75,000)

*Costs listed are estimates only.

Construction began on the Welcome Center in January of 2019 and is on track to be completed before summer camp sessions begin.  This facility replaces the cook's trailer, which was long overdue for an upgrade.  The Welcome Center consists of a large common area, four large bedrooms, two interior restrooms and showers (handicap accessible and A.D.A. compliant), a nurse's station, a director's office, two exterior restrooms, and a large covered porch.  We are confident that this facility will be of great use.  Perhaps the greatest benefit of this new structure is that it provides an opportunity for those with special needs to attend the camp, as we currently have students from sponsoring congregations that are unable to attend because, until now, the camp has not been handicap accessible.

The deteriorating state of the bath house has been an issue of concern for a number of years.  A remodel has been planned and approved by the Board of Directors, and construction has begun on the exterior of the structure.  Pending sufficient funds being raised, construction on the interior will begin as soon as camp sessions are completed this summer.  The renovated bath house will provide each side with a handicap accessible bathroom stall and shower, in addition to the showers and stalls that are already in place.  The remodeled plan also opens up more space on each side, and