Eighteen rolling wooded acres northwest of Geary, Oklahoma are home to Lariat Creek Christian Camp which began operation in 1973. The land was donated by the Alva Rinehart family as a wholesome, spiritual atmosphere for campers to enjoy recreation and entertainment.

Sessions are staffed by Christian men and women who donate their time to LCCC as a way to glorify God and serve young souls as they grow in Christ. From each clear blue dawn to the last fiery sunset, the days at LCCC begin and end with worship, and each day is packed with Christian fun. The Bible study and devotions make camp a time for spiritual renewal and growth.

Located one mile north and six miles west of Geary, off American Horse Lake road, the facilities include heated bath house, spacious air conditioned dining hall, covered pavilion, canteen, 4 RV water/electrical hook-ups and the Lambert Memorial Field (softball diamond). Twelve rustic cabins (Air Conditioned and Heated) are scattered across one side of Lariat Creek. A 100 foot long swinging bridge spans the valley between the dining hall and cabins. LCCC is led by a board of directors made up of Christians in Central and Northwest Oklahoma. The camp capacity is 138 plus 4 RV's. Although the camp has enjoyed strong support from area churches of Christ, it continues to have a growing need for expansion and development. Your tax-deductible donations would be gratefully accepted. An investment in LCCC is an investment in souls. For Donation forms click here: Donation Information

In addition to the regular summer sessions. The LCCC facilities are available year round for retreats, workshops or other Church of Christ events.
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