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Summer Session Application 2015 LCCC Summer Camp Application only (2 pages) 1MB LCCC Policy Dress Code/Cell Phones LCCC Policy "Dress Code/Cell Phone
Summer Session Flyer 2015 LCCC Summer Camp Information What to Bring to LCCC What to Bring / When to Arrive / and MORE

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LCCC 2015 Summer Camps

Donate now for the
2015 LCCC Building Projects.

!!!New Mailing Address on Applications!!! !!!New Mailing Address
on Applications!!!

In addition to this exciting project...

We also want to make you aware of our capital improvements campaign. We have an immediate need for these improvements due to the age and quickly deteriorating state of our current facilities. We are raising funds to: 1) add a new structure for our caretakers and our patrons who prefer to stay on the “mess hall side” of the creek, such as cooks and others who would benefit from the standards required by the Americans with Disabilities Act; 2) complete the remodel of our kitchen and remodel/expansion of our mess hall; and 3) replace our bathhouse (remodeling the approximately 40 year-old cinderblock building would not be a cost-effective solution).


In addition to the regular summer sessions. The LCCC facilities are available year round for retreats, workshops or other Church of Christ events.
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